About Blockchain

Several major trends in the gaming industry have become technically possible only through the introduction of blockchain. These are asset tokenization, NFTs, and the play-to-earn [crypto] model.

The blockchain technology that was primarily used to power cryptocurrencies has evolved into a revolutionary tech applicable to a variety of industries. Blockchain offers each sphere at least four unique features โ€” decentralization, immutability, transparency, and enhanced security. These features could transform the gaming industry too.Blockchain, along with cryptocurrency, is one of the greatest creations of this century. The rise of cryptocurrency didn't just stop at moving forward, it enhanced its technical architecture by showing the way for the development of numerous blockchain technologies, offering a wide range of options to the cryptocurrency community. With the development of DeFi, the blockchain space is witnessing an unprecedented innovation. The public chain space is still fiercely competitive, providing technology developers with many options. Tron blockchain is one of these options, and it is seen as a competitor to ethereum blockchain technology.

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