FAQ | Marketplace Problems

Q1 : Why is the gas fee displayed so high?

A: The main reason is that there is insufficient money in the wallet, and the wallet will prompt an inflated price

Q2: Why does the swap service generate more gas fees?

A: The Market of WIN NFT HORSE provides a more convenient purchase method, which is convenient for users to directly swap existing currencies into TRX or BNB for direct purchase. Since there will be more contract interactions than ordinary exchanges by yourself, more gas fees will be generated, and all transactions and fees can be queried publicly on the chain.

Q3: Is the swap service safe?

A: The Market of WIN NFT HORSE completely uses third-party swap (PancakeSwapV2 and SunSwapV2), and we do not evaluate its security and use risks.

Q4: What happens if the item synthesis fails?

A: Each operation on the chain will deduct a certain gas fee, and patiently wait for the circle to complete when synthesizing. It is recommended to clear the cache, refresh the page and try again

Q5 : HOS recharge did not reach the account

①Please check the transaction record under the market Recharge.
②If you don't find it, please copy your wallet address to the back of the URL:
TRON: https://tronscan.org/#/contract/+ Your Wallet Address
BSC: https://bscscan.com/address/+ Your Wallet Address
Please log out of your game account, and then log in again to check if it reaches.
If the above operations are invalid, please contact the official customer service

Q6: The withdrawal has passed the withdrawal date, why hasn't it arrived?

A: The claim release date is fixed, twice a month, and the 1st and 15th (HKT) of each month are fixed release dates. However, there will be a process and sequence for the distribution, and there may be a delay, please understand.

Q7: Regarding the modification of the withdrawal rules and delivery mode in the future

A: The withdrawal rules will not be changed under normal circumstances. We will fully listen to the opinions of the community, collect and vote on community suggestions, and finally decide on the future delivery model and direction.