FAQ | Activity Problems

Q1 : How do I get the horse mystery box?

A1 : Mystery Boxes are only available through official events, airdrops and mystery Box coupons from the [Game Board] in the market

Q2 : I have been charged a gas fee, but I still cannot open the mystery box

A2 : First, check whether the gas fee has be deducted when opening the mystery box. If you've already been deducted, don't click the "Open" button repeatedly. Otherwise, the gas fee will be deducted repeatedly.
Next, please check one by one:
① Please confirm whether the website you opened the mystery box is opened synchronously and connected to the wallet.
② Confirm whether the balance in your wallet account is sufficient, and prepare at least 100trx (the cost of opening a mystery box is about 70trx, and the same is true for the BNB chain, which requires sufficient BNB).
③ Confirm whether the owner address of the mystery box is yours.
④ Check whether your network connection is normal.
⑤ Check whether your browser clears the cache.
⑥ If the above conditions are satisfied, the gas fee has indeed been deducted, please follow the steps below:
1) Then please go to the transaction record of the deducted fee, as shown in the figure (take TRON as an example):
Transaction history of deducted fees
2) Click the hash of this record to enter the order, and pull down to find the id number of the horse and remember it
3) Enter the URL to query your own horse:
TRON: https://market.winnfthorse.io/#/detail/ horse number
BSC: https://market-bsc.winnfthorse.io/#/detail/ horse number
(Friendly reminder: Be sure to make sure that URL your copied and entered is correct, without extra symbols, spaces and letters)
4) You can check your horse information

Q3 : There are no horses after opening the mystery box, and horses cannot be traded/gifted/listed/withdrawn in the market. The horses you just bought are not in the game.

A3 : The above situation is generally caused by the horses not being unsynchronized. Please wait patiently. If it is still the same after 24 hours, please ask the admin to register the platform type and horse number.

Q4 : Is the ID of the mystery box the same as the ID of the horse?

A4 : They are different. If you are the winner of the whitelist event, the mystery boxes you receive have a unique ID. Horses will also have different ID. So the ID of the box is not the same as the ID of the horse.

Q5 : When will the event rewards be distributed, and can it be as soon as possible?

A5 : Rewards for various activities in the game generally require manual statistical review before distribution, such as component mystery boxes, horse mystery boxes, USDD, recast coupons, transferring coupons, etc. Please refer to the corresponding event announcements. We will also complete the statistics and distribute them to players as soon as possible.

Q6 : How to get news of official events in time?

A6 :
Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/WINNFTHORSE
Discord: https://discord.gg/pJP8X35G
Telegram Chinese: https://t.me/WINNFTHORSE
Telegram English: https://t.me/winnfthorse_en
You can follow our official social media to get the lastest info & events.