FAQ | Game Problems

Q1 : What is the difference between Challenge and Match?

A1 :
① Challenge
Basic rule: choose horses to compete with computers that gradually become stronger and get rewards
Mode feature: each level has several robot opponents, and each chapter has 7 levels
Competition reward: HOS will be awarded,and more HOS will be awarded as the level progresses. Only the first prize will be awarded
Other instruction: The weather, field and length of each level are fixed. If you succeed in the challenge, you will consume 1 point of energy. If you fail, you will not consume the energy. You can also manually select horses to participate in the challenge.
② Match
Basic rule: Compete with players of similar strength to win rewards
Mode feature: Choose a horse to match and compete with 9 other players
Competition reward: HOS will be awarded,and the higher the ranking, the more rewards you will get.
Other instruction: The weather and field are random. The length of the track is fixed at 1200 metre or 1600 metre. If you join in the game, you will consume 1 point of energy. You can manually select the horses to participate in the match.

Q2 : What is the minimum number of players allowed to start an Arena? How are rewards distributed?

A2 : The minimum of 3 people, 1st will get 50% of the prize pool, 2nd: 30%, 3rd: 20%

Q3 : How many times can I participate in 3V3 per day? How many points of energy does it consume?

A3 : You need to consume a point of energy, and the upper limit you can participate in 3V3 per day is 50 times.

Q4 : How to adjust the order of horses in 3V3?

A4 : Click on the avatar of the horse you want to change the order to enter the stable interface, select the horse and click the select button.

Q5 : How to redeem the roulette lottery?

A5 : Players can enter [Reward Exchange] through [Game Board] in the market of WIN NFT HORSE official website. On the [Reward Exchange] page, you can use [Carrot], [Mystery Box Coupon] and other items to exchange rewards.

Q6 : When will the event roulette launch?

A7 : Each event time is limited, so pay attention to our official or in-game announcements

Q8 : What is the APY of HOS staking?

A8 : The APY is currently 40%, and it is floating

Q9 : The game is always offline and displays a network error

A9 : We have been aware of these problems, our technical department will optimize it as soon as possible, please forgive the inconvenience caused to you. Also, you can try the following methods to alleviate these problems
① Please check whether your network status is stable
② Please connect to VPN and try a different line
③ If you still cannot log in after connecting to the VPN, please disconnect and try
④ Re-login to the account

Q10 : Are there rewards for reporting bugs?

A10 : If you report bugs of the game or the market to the managers, they will send your feedbacks to the relevant departments for verification. If the relevant departments approve it, the managers will contact you through Telegram/Discord to issue the corresponding rewards.

Q11: How to get horses to start the game?

A: After creating the wallet, you can register an account on the https://market.winnfthorse.io/#/home market to purchase horses, which will be directly synchronized to the game in the future (Binance market: https ://market-bsc.winnfthorse.io/#/home)

Q12 : How to get horses?

A12 : It can be obtained by purchasing in the market, opening mystery boxes, issued from official events, given by other players and breeding
TRON Market Link:
Binance Market Link:

Q13 : How to gift horses?

A13 : Enter [Marketplace], click [My Account] in the upper right corner, then click [Inventory], click [The horse you want to gift], and there will be [present as gift] in the upper right corner.

Q14 : I withdrew my horse after listing it for the first time on the market. When I list my horse for the second time, I can't see the horse anymore

A14 : Because it was already bought when it was first sold. It’s just that the data on the chain is not synchronized in time.

Q15 : Can the horse be recovered from the wrong address?

A15 : All the completed operations on the chain cannot be undone. If the horse has been confirmed to be transferred out, there is no way to recover it.

Q16 : What is the function of recasting?

A16 : Introduction to the recasting function: After the player consumes a certain amount of NFT or HOS, the attributes of the horse will be randomly grown. The random probability is the same as the growth probability when upgrading. When recasting, you can see the growth range of horse attributes

Q17 : What is the function of transferring?

A17 : Introduction to the transferring function: After the player consumes a certain amount of NFT or HOS, you can move the level of the left horse to the right horse. The level of the left horse will be reset to level 1, the level of the right horse will be increased to the original level of the left horse, and the attributes will also grow randomly. When transferring, the level of the left horse must be higher than that of the right horse, otherwise the transferring cannot be operated.