Arena Play is divided into different levels according to the level of the registration fee. Different levels of the tournament will use different tournament scenes, and the more advanced the tournament scenes are, the more gorgeous they are. We can use $WIN and $NFT tokens as the registration fee.

The competition level is judged according to the registration fee, and different levels use different venues.

  • Ordinary ring using the ordinary venue with 1000M course.

  • Master duels use the intermediate venue of 2200M course.

  • Grand duels using the advanced venue of 3000M course.

The maximum number of participants in an Invitational Play is 15, and the minimum number is 2. All competitions will be held within one hour of the start of the registration period, during which all players can be invited or directly open the Invitational Play list to participate in the competition.

Registration will be completed within 1 hour after the initiation. Before the end of registration, the sponsor must choose to start or cancel the competition. If there is no choice, the ring will be cancelled and the sponsor and all the participants will be refunded the entry fee by mail.

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