Challenge (PVE) is a human-versus-machine gameplay, similar to pushing, breaking and climbing towers in RPGs.

In PVE mode, players' horses will gain experience based on the levels they successfully pass. The experience can be used to upgrade the horse to level up four dimensional attributes.

As the experience value increases, player's horse will be upgraded, thus enhancing the overall strength in PVE mode and subsequently making it easier to pass higher levels, as well as receiving more $NFT tokens as rewards.

By rewarding winners with rich $NFT tokens, this effectively encourages all players to complete the PVE daily tasks and actively participate in the PVE game.

It should be reminded that only if a player wins the current level can the next level be opened.

Players should then select the appropriate horse to race based on the terrain and weather conditions of that level.

After the selection of horses, race strategies are selected according to the characteristics of horses and venues.

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